Accredited Rema TipTop


Our in-house accredited facility means we are able to prioritise work and give preference to clients repairs leaving our own work for a later date. We have the personnel, equipment and material on hand to repair TBR, Industrial and OTR tyres of any size within the very strict specifications as prescribed by Rema Tip Top.


In this way the best turnaround times are achieved for our client base without any compromise in quality.

While our facility is not the largest we pride ourselves on the quality, durability and cost effectiveness in order to ensure the best product and turn around times for our clients.


We have saved our clients large sums of money by inspecting the tyres they believed to be scrap, and by repairing them we have recognised substantial cost saving.

All our repairs carry a full warranty for the remaining tyre life. All repaired tyres are pressure checked before being returned to the customer.